Joyful Expressions

Joyful Expressions

“Joyful Expressions” began when I was asked to be a “crafter” at a school Christmas Shop. The shop was designed to allow students to be able to purchase affordable gifts for their friends and family. I had never really made anything before so I started looking for ideas of things I could make. I started with making about 20 hair accessories: fabric flowers of different sizes and colors. I also hand made coasters.  By the end of the first day of the Christmas shop almost everything I had made was completely sold out! I thought, maybe I should start making more things.

I wanted the name of my craft business to resemble the idea behind my blog: enjoying all of  God’s gifts under the sun.

I am now exploring new ideas and designs of things to make, including fabric flower jewelry, new designs of coasters, and more hair accessories.    I will be featuring things on my Etsy account, as well as potentially selling some of my items at a vintage store downtown Ellicott City,  Maryland.

Please check back frequently to see what’s new or what is to come. If you have a specific request for something to be made please feel free to contact me.

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