Rediscovering Joy

Rediscovering Joy

So here I am again…

It has been far too long since I’ve written here–on my blog. I think over a year. But I needed that year to think. Really think about writing and what I wanted to share. Did I even want to continue writing? What was my purpose in writing? I am often overwhelmed by the big picture in my mind that I end up doing nothing.  It was a good year for me to take a break from writing to see if I missed it. I did.

But when I looked back over some of my posts from last year, I didn’t like them completely. I didn’t like how I worded that or arranged certain things.  I was glad I had it written down, but I started critiquing everything to death. That was part of the reason I stopped writing. In my eyes it really wasn’t good enough. I wasn’t trying to be perfect, necessarily, I just didn’t understand my purpose.  I had to ask myself why I was writing in the first place.

Joy in the SandMy husband and I recently had a conversation about us. Those are good to have, more often than not. 🙂 He helped me understand some of my purpose in writing. He knew I enjoyed it, but also knew I was insecure about it. He reminded me of why I chose the title for my blog: Joy under the sun.  This is often the thing I most struggle in. Discontentment and complaining fill my day instead of joy and thankfulness. Therefore writing about the joys of life and the purpose of hardship, helps me more clearly focus on the ultimate reason for everything in our life: the glory of God.

He pointed out that I seem happy and content when I am writing and being productive. Blogging allows me to put down on “paper”  the many joys, lessons, hardships, and journeys that God places in my life.   So, I did some more thinking and came up with a few reasons why I have come back to my blog. I cannot promise I will be any more consistent than I have been before, but that is my prayer.

I am not writing to have perfectly written posts ready to be published somewhere. I am not writing because everyone else is doing it. I am writing to inspire. I am writing because somewhere, in me, there’s a small ounce of creativity wanting to be free. I am writing to encourage. I am writing to become a better writer. I am writing for fun. I am writing to have a home for the events of my journey of life. And I am ultimately writing to share the Glory of God and the Love of Jesus. My prayer is that through my life, the ups and downs, the good and bad, people can see God magnified by His grace exemplified in my writings. I hope we can go on this journey together, truly finding our joy and satisfaction in all of God’s gifts under the sun.

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