Our Weekend


1. Bonding and Fireworks/ This is the second year my husband and I have worked two fireworks tents in our area of Baltimore. Although they are long hours and hard labor at set up and tear down, the rest of the time you’re relaxing under a tent or busy selling to customers. We always enjoy working the tents and they have proven to be a helpful summer job for our family. I remember last year being 6 months pregnant when we worked them…ugh!! Nothing like being huge, hot, and hallucinative! ( from exhaustion) This year we have our little sweets with us…outside my belly! For the most part he stays at home with my mother in law, while I go back as needed, or we take him to the tent since he loves being out and around people! Plus he and Daddy can bond a little more. Here they are enjoying a cool breeze one evening.

2. Time with Grammy/ My mother-in-law and sister-in-law are here staying with us for 2 weeks to help us with fireworks and to help watch Hudson. I know “Grammy” is enjoying her time with her first grandson. They have had fun playing outside together, reading stories, and eating lots of food!

3. Homemade Baby Food/ Hudson is definitely on a growth spurt. He’s been eating us out of house and home! I do a combo of baby food and whole food for him. He does really well chewing on his own and enjoys eating cheese, cheerios, whole wheat crackers, vegetables, and chunks of fruit. In addition to letting him lead by grabbing for his own food, I make homemade baby food for him. He loves applesauce, peas, sweet potatoes, and strawberry-banana. He’s even tried some ham and chicken! I haven’t found anything he doesn’t like yet. I’m praying it stays that way!

4. Going for a Ride/ Hudson gets quite excited when we put him in the shopping cart and push him around. It’s nice that our fireworks tent is in a Walmart parking lot…if Hudson starts getting bored we can just put him in a shopping cart and take him for a ride!

5. Family/ Ricky’s cousin, Stephanie, recently moved up here about 30 minutes from Baltimore. She was able to stop by the tent and visit with everyone for awhile. It was great seeing her and catching up. She also got to meet Hudson for the first time. We snapped a quick family photo and hung out for awhile.

6. Birthday Celebrations/ Ricky turned 35 on June 29th. The only downside to selling fireworks during this time is that it falls on Ricky’s birthday and we really can’t do anything to celebrate. However, the teens in youth group pulled off a surprise part for him Wednesday night during “Fusion.” Actually it was more the adults doing the planning, but it ended up being a great time of celebration. When Stephanie came by the tent she brought some cupcakes for everyone. We didn’t have any candles, but not to worry, Ricky had the candle app on his phone! We sang and he blew out his candle. 🙂

7. 8 Months/ The day after Ricky’s birthday, Hudson turned 8 months old. I cannot believe how fast time has gone. He is growing up so fast. I grow more in love with him every day, and I love seeing his personality develop. He truly is a blessing. Ricky and Hudson celebrated with some cupcakes. Hudson just got a small lick!

8. An Empty Cup/ Saturday proved to be a day of unfortunate events. Or was it Sunday? Honestly, I cannot remember. Either way, I recall cereal being spilled on our laptop, me breaking one of our nice cereal bowls, and frustration brewing inside me. Sunday Evening, or whatever day it was, Ricky grabbed us some quick dinner and brought it to the tent. Two words describe this “Fast” meal: Not Healthy. So anyway, I splurged and got a Barq’s root beer. However, it was really syrupy, flat, or something. It just wasn’t right. My mother-in-law had called me to let me know Hudson needed me to come home. The restaurant was right on the way home, so I thought, “I’ll just pull in real quick and have them switch out my drink.” Well, I waited in the drive through line for an eternity. All the while my phone is dead and I’m thinking Hudson is probably going crazy. Finally I get up there, get a different drink, and pull away. Literally within 30 seconds of pulling away my entire drink spills all over the driver floor mat and down my legs. None left whatsoever. I was speechless. I just waited that long…for my drink to spill all over me…while Hudson is at home waiting for me and probably screaming!!!!! Ahhh!! I’m convinced it’s because I wasn’t supposed to be drinking pop anyway….so water it was for me.

9. This Kid/ All I have to say is my little Hudson likes his straws. And don’t you even think about taking them away.

Hope you had a great weekend! Linking up over at Annapolis and Company.

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