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So, I’m pretty late with getting my weekend posted. Just one of those weeks. As the new weekend begins I’m posting last weekend. But, here it is anyways. This is last weekend: February 21-23


1. Anthropologie. So, I’ve heard a lot about this store but had never actually been before. I was really wanting to check it out, but didn’t know if there was one in our area. Ricky located one about 20 minutes away. 🙂 Ricky’s day off is Thursday, so a lot of time we do “weekend” things starting on Thursday. Even though he has to work on Friday, we usually enjoy time out together as a family on Thursdays. So from the moment I stepped into the store, I loved it! Wow, I could spend a lot of time in there. We spent quite a bit of time looking around, knowing I really couldn’t spend anything. My creative juices were flowing just looking at all the decor and accessories. Although it wasn’t much, I walked away with a cute little box of sticky notes. (I know what you’re thinking. Sticky notes? But they were cute, and the box can be re-used.)

2. All things Honest. I’ve found a company I really enjoy ordering from: The Honest Company. It’s primarily a company that provides natural, chemical free baby products. They include diapers, wipes, ointment, and a wide variety of household products. All safe and free of harsh chemicals and toxic ingredients. There is a great flexible membership you can take advantage of where you can customize your diaper bundle and home essentials bundle. You can delay, or change the date of any of your orders and they deliver everything right to you door with free shipping! I really enjoy the products and love the cute designs that the diapers come in. The picture here is my home essentials bundle I received this weekend. One of their newest products is a dish brush and foaming base. Since we don’t have a dishwasher…yes, feel sorry for me…I was excited to give this product a try. You push down on the brush in the base to create suds. It works pretty well, and makes washing dishes just a little more exciting. 🙂 I love the scents they have in their products, as well: white grapefruit, sweet orange vanilla, and lavender mint. Also included in my bundle was another of their newest products: organic lip balm. Let me just say, I love them. They are so smooth and moisturizing on your lips, not to mention have lovely flavors. I was excited to get my bundle. For more information check out honest.com

3. Hudson’s the man. I just loved this picture of Hudson. He looks so grown up and mature. I don’t really have much of a caption for this picture, other than that I can’t stop taking pictures of my little man. He brings so much joy to our lives and we love seeing him learn new things and develop each day.

4. Brightly shining. This past weekend the moon was incredibly bright. We opened up our back patio door to throw some trash out, and we noticed the moon shining so bright. Ricky has a pretty nice camera he got recently and has really taken an interest in photography. He grabbed his camera and snapped a couple pictures of the moon through the trees. It was definitely a beautiful sight.


5. Goodwill. One of my favorite things to do on the weekend is thrift shopping. A brand new Goodwill opened up pretty close to us, and I find myself visiting quite often. They are more organized and clean than most Goodwills, which makes it enjoyable to visit. I don’t know if any of you have been to a Goodwill recently, but in my opinion they are starting to get a little pricey here and there. I don’t want to get 1 thing for 12 bucks, I want to get 3 things for 12 bucks. And they have a little boutique section now with higher end clothes and name brands. Those things are priced a little higher too because they are better quality. But the best time to hit Goodwill is sale days. I know…sales at Goodwill? But that’s when you can get more bang for your buck! Anyway, Eunice, Ricky, Hudson, and I decided to hit it Friday night. We found some great deals and really enjoyed some time out together.

6. Tired buddy. After our thrifting, we stopped in at Panera to get a loaded with fat, delicious chocolate pastry. Ok, no we didn’t. So, we did go to Panera, but not for pastries. But, that’s really what I wanted. I wanted the most fattening cup of soup with a cinnamon crunch bagel topped with hazelnut cream cheese (try it if you haven’t). Then I wanted a couple pastries to take home, because surely I would need them later. But, we were good, and got a healthy, light dinner. Hudson doesn’t usually fall asleep as easily as he did that night out. He likes to know what’s going on at all times. However, he was quite exhausted and slept here on the bench and let me eat a nice peaceful dinner. 🙂

7. Nursery project. Ricky and I are working on a project for the nursery. Here is a sneak peak. I’m not telling many details…( In case it turns out disastrous and looks hideous)…so check back for final product.

8. Hands. Hudson has learned to use his hands to grab and hit things. He loves his little football that hangs down from his carseat. He will hit it and watch it twirl over the handle. He is so funny to watch when he is trying to do things. He makes noises in his breathing when he is really focusing on something and working to do something. I snapped this picture of him having a great time playing with his football. 🙂 Happy Weekend!!

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