Healthy Eating (desserts)

Healthy Eating (desserts)

Ricky and I have been working on transforming our eating habits. I’ve never been one to “diet.”  If anyone knows me at all you know I’m the first one in the food line! I love to eat and love to try new things. However, recently there has been so much attention brought to getting in shape, losing weight, and eating healthy.  I started thinking through our diets and how we were feeling after we ate certain foods. After my sister and her husband lost so much weight, it inspired me to start making some changes. I think if you make it a habit of incorporating good foods into your regular eating schedule you won’t need to go on diets. This has been a very slow process for us, and we are still working through what’s good, what’s better, and what’s not so good.

We have really tried to cut out all processed food, fast food, pop (yes, I say pop) , and useless calorie filled foods. We have not really mastered any of this healthy eating yet.  It takes time to learn all of the good substitutions that you can use in recipes to make them better, etc…

Maybe you’re a fan of Dr. Oz, maybe you aren’t. Regardless, I was watching his show a few weeks ago and he was going through good desserts that you can substitute for bad ones. If you are anything like me, I have to have something sweet every once in awhile! The four desserts he recommended looked amazing and I can’t wait to try them all. 

Here are the healthy desserts he discussed in his show:

Breyers Pure Fruit Berry Swirl Bars   ( All natural)

Back to Nature cookies: Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chunk

Almond Dream Lil’ Dreamers Ice Cream Sandwhiches 

Vitalicious Vita Brownie: Dark Chocolate. ( He says this is basically a multivitamin in a yummy brownie)

What I love is that all of these are natural, no added preservatives, etc.

Try them out! Hope you enjoy!


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  • Looks good! Hannah and I have been doing the same since we got back from Argentina and we love it – not to mention that most processed food contains wheat in some form. We usually eat a little bit of meat and a salad. These desserts look good too!

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